Noun- Unsought and not asked for; given or done voluntarily


Noun- The existence and experience of an individual human being.


Noun- A critical appraisal.

In which I analyse, critique and discuss, all of the things  I encounter my in life and try to make sense of it all even though you didn’t ask me to.

I’m Jennifer, a 24-year-old suppressed hippie with a fondness for books and my dog. I’m a History Postgrad and a freelance writer to boot, with one foot in rural Gloucestershire and one foot in London. I think I also left a toe in Bali.

I intend to open up an honest discussion about living with mental illness and hopefully to show that actually, it’s ok to laugh at all the bullshit sometimes. If you think that sounds a bit attention seeking, then please refer to this blogpost, thanks. Expect an honest discussion of sex, feminism, history, tantrums, meltdowns and everything between. Consider me the agony aunt, that you definitely didn’t ask for and whose advice you probably don’t trust.

Yeah, the blog thing is pretty overdone, but so is sourdough pizza and sourdough pizza is  bloody delicious.

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